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Virtual Private Network Advantages

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Virtual private networks have several goals, not least of all, to ensure security, since in practice you will be moving with a different IP (one of the VPN), and not with a real one. You can also access geographically limited services in your area or, conversely, move where others have restrictions (see China).

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However, the real problem with VPN lies in their reliability, since many of these services are not so reliable, and, given that you are transferring all your navigation traffic into their hands, you should not rely on the first person. Fortunately, ProtonMail enjoys an excellent reputation, and also promises free users not to fill in an adware application and ensures that there are no malware or bandwidth limitations. In practice, the free service is funded by paid users, who, obviously, can use additional services, which you should use only the free application.


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We tried this for a few minutes and it was a bit difficult to register because there were some glitches associated with Gmail from ProtonVPN, which did not send the code. After this rock, everything is fine. The application is fast and high quality, the connection is fast and efficient. We liked using the ?Art is a portrait in a museum? function in Google Arts & Culture, available only in the USA, and look at the Netflix catalog, in particular, the house of cards, which we do not have. As you can guess, there are many reasons for using a VPN, and from today there is a reliable alternative for Android.