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Reducing meeting preparation from hours to minutes with the board meeting software

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Preparing for a board meeting requires that preparations begin at least two weeks in advance of the meeting itself. Organizers need to find and generate all documents, send them out along with invitations, and wait for a response, making sure all participants have been informed. Well, or so it used to be, but now it can be made much easier. With a whiteboard portal, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare for a meeting without spending a lot of effort or resources.

What is board management software?

The rapid development of modern technology has given us many innovative solutions that have made our lives easier and simpler. A board portal is board meeting management software. It provides meeting attendees with secure digital communication outside of the meeting, which helps resolve many issues before meeting in person. This approach greatly improves meeting productivity and also reduces meeting time, as well as board preparation time itself. 

Typically, such solutions include robust security measures, collaboration tools, document and meeting management features, polling and voting, and many other useful features. Together, all of these features ensure smooth and seamless teamwork that improves the overall productivity of the entire company.

Why do board management need specialized software?

In today’s competitive environment, businesses need a new approach, agility, and speed. Now, live meetings are not the only option to discuss all the issues and concerns. The remote working trend is also quite popular, especially after the global pandemic. So, quality board portals like can provide you with all the facilities for a comfortable and modern way of working. Some of the major advantages of board portals include:

  • Easy and fast access to data

You can trust a board portal with all your confidential documents because its level of security is truly at a decent level. So, all your documents will be in one organized place, and all users will be able to find the document they need in half the time. Smart search will also help them do this. Authorized users will be able to access data at any time and via any device. This saves a lot of time and makes it possible to study all the material in detail to better prepare for the meeting.

  • Shorten preparation time for planning meetings

Thanks to its optimized management and organization functions, board meeting software allows you to reduce the time you spend on meeting preparation. Now you do not need to print, copy, collect and send a folder of documents to each participant, everything you need can be found and uploaded to the portal platform, where everyone can see this material. In addition, the program offers systematization of committees, document templates, requests for votes and feedback, and voting.

  • High level of security

The board portal has an excellent security record that meets all international standards. The space also allows you to control user access to all the content that is in the repository. The administrator can set permissions or block the visibility of documents for absolutely any user. Thus, each board member will only see the documents he or she needs to fulfill his or her duties. This increases the confidentiality of the meeting.

  • Economic efficiency

Using the cloud considerably reduces your expenses on consumables, tickets (if the directors are not in the same city or country), board members lodging, meeting room rental, and even the document delivery itself. What’s most valuable is that having a board portal will save you time, which you can now devote entirely to resolving company issues.