8 Best free iPad and iPhone Antivirus Apps

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Apple users believe their devices do not need protection and therefore doubt whether antivirus is needed. However, protection against malware is not all that modern antiviruses can do. This article will review the best antivirus app for iPad and iPhones.

How to protect your Apple devices?

Of course, it’s great when you are the proud owner of such a great smartphone as an iPhone and an iPad, but have you ever thought about the safety of your data stored on the device or the risk of viruses? Of course, Apple does everything possible to protect your smartphone from cyber criminals, but no protection guarantees the safety of your data by 100%. Thus, you should consider installing one of the best antiviruses for iPhones or iPad.

The top 8 best antiviruses for iPhone and iPad

Perhaps, over time, they will learn to bypass the protection of “apple” gadgets. If you want to protect your expensive gadget from all potential threats, you should know how to remove virus from iPhone and pay attention to the following applications:

  1. McAfee

McAfee has long been known for providing powerful protection against viruses and applications that can steal your data. Moreover, its antiviruses are popular not only on computers and laptops but also on smartphones and tablets. McAfee Security Antivirus for iPhone and iPad has a decent interface and is extremely easy to use. 

2. Lookout Mobile Security 

The Lookout Mobile Security app makes it easy for you to back up your data or find your lost phone. It also has a nice user interface, is extremely easy to use, and is novice-friendly. This antivirus continues to run in the background and scans for viruses trying to infiltrate your device. In addition, this antivirus program provides complete Internet protection and email protection when the device is connected via a Wi-Fi network. 

3. Avast

It is one of the most popular antivirus products. It is an effective free antivirus for home use, offering tools to scan the system and individual files, external drives, and attached volumes for malware, check emails, attachments, and various Internet activities, and protect against phishing attacks.

4. Sophos Antivirus Mac Home Edition

It is a full-featured shareware antivirus that can scan certain files, folders, and hard drives. It also offers additional options for removing and quarantining any software that the antivirus regards as a potential threat. The antivirus also has real-time protection features that block and quarantine any suspicious files.

5. Avira Mobile Security 

Avira perfectly combines ease of use with the ability to access “advanced” tools quickly. As a result, users can perform basic system scans just as easily as scheduled or specific area scans. The program offers legal protection against spyware and adware and can block malicious sites and tracking. In addition, 5 GB of cloud storage and the ability to remove malicious files in one click are available.

6. Secure Line

The app is one of the best-paid antiviruses that allows iPhone users to visit websites anonymously. Furthermore, with this antivirus, the Internet connection is encrypted. Therefore, hackers cannot access the registration data and calls made through the Skype and Viber applications.

7. Norton Security

Norton is one of the biggest names in the antivirus industry. The company has pleased us for many years with excellent protection for desktops and laptops. Today, it allows us to download the free antivirus Norton Mobile Security for iOS. 

8. Trend Micro Mobile Security 

It is an application designed to keep you safe online. The app will help you avoid visiting dangerous and fake sites that can steal important data or “push” you with expensive services.