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Filter Ads by Using a VPN

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Applications that block ads on devices have become a relief for many, but a headache for others. Thousands of users download applications to avoid “control” or “intrusion” due to annoying ads. blockers have been restored using the latest version of the iOS 9 operating system. Although ad management capabilities already existed for other devices, this is the first time that Apple allows it on its millions of iPhones. Applications such as 1Blocker, Adblock Mobile and VPN in contact are those who are responsible for filtering ads and Cleans up screens during navigation. A study conducted by Adobe revealed around 198 million active users of these applications by June of this year. This figure represents an increase of 41% over the previous year.

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Some Tools for this

Before the advent of these tools, advertisers face a new challenge: how to advertise and maximize investment? Options such as advertising or marketing are part of possible solutions for companies. According to eMarketer, this year, spending on digital advertising will grow to $ 569,650 million. In addition, mobile advertising represents 51% of the investment in advertising on digital platforms. Suppressing Internet clutter Advertising blockers usually work when they prevent the code of the companies they advertise from loading onto web pages. slow loading of pages such as cookies, pop-ups, and javascript on blocked.

Additional Solutions

This content is considered unwanted by blockers. In the first week since Apple launched its new operating system, the 10 most popular blocking applications have been downloaded almost 600,000 times, according to the Apptopia report, a site that analyzes de lasapps.behavior. Apptopia reported that in the first week of October with Adblock Mobile there were 374 thousand downloads, followed by VPN in contact with 303 thousand, 1 blocker with 297 thousand, Crystal with 176 thousand and Purify Blocker with 97 thousand 400. There is also Peace, Blockr, Weblock, BlockBear, and Silentium. In iOS 9, blockers work directly with Safari and, as stated on the official websites of applications, ensure that browsing will be faster, and also allow you to save data of mobile devices and batteries.

Black and White Lists

Applications also offer white lists, with which the user can choose which ads to display on certain websites. users decide for themselves what they really want to see. What does the consumer want? Thousands of downloads reflect the challenges faced by advertising to reach customers who require other ways to attract brands. : Hugo Giralt Turn the pain point for the user into a magical moment. A consultant and trainer in digital communications explained that for advertisers this should be a signal that shows that his strategy should not rely only on the use of advertising, but share relevant content that people want to look for. ?This means not only to consider Facebook but also to expand the use of your own media mini-sites, blogs or portals,? added Umana.

What to do

As part of the achievement strategy, experts recommend using video format and creating original content with themes of humor, entertainment, and effective communication. This is a new way to attract consumers. Janine Warner, the creator of the Digital Family design agency, explained that natural advertising or native advertising is a new way to attract consumers. In the US, 75% of the media offer a product service. For example, the New York Times and DigitalQuartz magazine. Native advertising is to offer readers useful and useful content related to the company’s activities. Content development is carried out by media personnel, in particular, another team for journalists who cover regular news. The golden law says about the transparency of advertising, so this should be clarified when it comes to sponsored material. LEA: Janine Warner? Native Advertising Offers Useful Content for the Reader? Similarly, the goal of content marketing attracts and retains the customer, creating and maintaining valuable and relevant content with the goal of changing or improving consumer behavior, as defined by the Content Marketing Institute. This new marketing tool is used by companies like P & amp; G and Red Bull. It is able to generate stories and information that is attractive to customers. therefore, it is not advertising content. These forms of advertising are remembered five times more than regular advertising.